The Dude Who Beat The Pedophile Out Of Subway Jared Looks Like He Could Beat Up Your Dad

Yesterday, we brought you the news of Subway Jared getting bloodied and bashed in the rec yard of the Englewood prison in Colorado where he is carrying out his 15 year sentence. Fogle suffered a bloody nose, scratches to his neck and redness and swelling to his face after the beatdown which occurred on January 29.

The perpetrator was 60-year-old Steve Nigg, who was put in the can for selling guns he inherited from his father and is scheduled to be released in 2024. The otherwise peaceful inmate was set to be released early on good behavior, which has since been revoked. Nigg reportedly hates pedophiles so much, he asked authorities to send him to a higher security prison so he could avoid interacting with pedophiles, according to the NY Daily News. That wish was obviously not granted.

This is Steve:

Steve looks like a mix between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jesse Ventura. Neither one I’d be open to fucking with.

NY Daily News spoke with Nigg’s nephew, Jimmy Nigg Jr., who indicated that the beatdown was more to send a message than to inflict harm.

“Jared’s lucky he’s still alive. My uncle was in a position to kill him. No one was there.

He got him down, then walked away. He’s not a violent guy, he doesn’t have a violent history. He’s sending a message is what he’s doing. A guy walks in with all this money and celebrity and instead of flying under the radar, he’s going into the yard, walking around with big guys, saying no one can mess with me, flashing his money around and that’s what (my uncle) is pissed off about.”

I choose to believe that Stone Cold stood over Jared’s bloodied body like this:

Jared was already hating prison before he got tied in a knot, I can only imagine the depths he’s sunk to.

[h/t NY Daily News]

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