Dude Demonstrates How Easy It Is For Girls To Use Photo Editing Apps To Make Them Appear Thick

We’ve all seen it. There’s some Instagram model who has mind-blowing photos on social media where they flaunt their unbelievable hourglass figure. These chicks look thick in all of the right places but still have a skinny tummy. Or you see some girl you know and you know for a fact that she’s a B-cup, but in her pics she’s rocking D-cups. If it’s too unbelievable then it’s probably fake.

This fine young gentleman shows just how easy it is for women to alter dat ass using photo editing apps. And in seconds, girls can go from a 2×4 ass to a delightful Jen Selter bulbous dumper. Best beware of these perfectly round butts, they’re faker than some flour in a powder bag. If you were to get intimate with these fakers it would be like opening a bag of potato chips, the contents would be much less than you expected.

And you know these women who are digitally enlarging their tits and ass are the same girls who will get mad if you objectify them after they post 11 belfies in a day.