Dude Tries To Distract Beer Pong Opponent By Waving Gun And I Think He Succeeded When He Accidentally Shot The Guy

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Chicago Police Department

Distracting your opponent in beer pong is almost more entertaining than the game itself. There are very few forums where you can rub your nipples and lick your lips at your opponent without being asked to leave the party. It’s completely ok to tell your challenger mid-shot that you screwed his girlfriend, because it’s just a game and it was at the beginning of their relationship anyway so whatevs.

And I’d say I’m pretty zoned when the pressure is on. Showing me a set of tits would make my penis move a little bit but it wouldn’t deter me from sinking the shot. Unless, say, a dude whips out a 9mm semiautomatic gun and starts waving it in my face.

Because that’s exactly what 27-year-old Manus Shannon did this weekend at a South Chicago Fourth of July party. According to DNA Info, Shannon started waving the 9 mm in his opponent’s face to distract a 24-year-old South Chicago man during his turn, Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said during a bond hearing Monday.

The opponent then pushed Shannon away, causing the gun to misfire,  striking the opponent in his finger and a 20-year-old Roseland man in his shoulder, prosecutors said. The victims conditions have both been stabilized after they drove themselves to a nearby hospital.

Shannon was arrested at his home late Saturday and charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.

Sunday was his 27th birthday.

Win at all costs. I feel you, bro.

[H/T DNAinfo]

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