Dude Eats ‘The Burritozilla,’ A Monster 18-Inch Burrito Weighing 5 Pounds In Under 2 MINUTES!

Matt Stonie is the #2 ranked competitive eater in the world and he showed just why in this preposterous video. Stonie AKA Megatoad celebrated having 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube account by attempting to kill the monster they call, “Burritozilla.” The Burritozilla is an enormous 18-inch burrito that weighs 5 pounds which is offered to brave souls at the Igunas restaurant in San Jose, CA.

If this sounds familiar that is because Adam Richman visited the very same eatery for a Man Vs. Food episode. However Adam did not partake in the challenge, it was the #1 ranked professional eater Joey Chestnut who did the honors and finished the collosal burrito in 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Matt Stonie laughs at that feeble attempt. He attacked the same Burritozilla and finished the entire culinary monstrosity in an astounding 1 minute and 50 seconds.

My wife could learn a thing or two from his incredible technique.

Stonie is no stranger to consuming massive amounts of burrito goodness in a short amount of time. In February 2014, he scarfed down FOUR Chipotle burritos in under 3 minutes!

My stomach is not sure if it’s hungry or disgusted right now.