Dude In Full Camo Plays With Fire By Blasting London Cops With Nerf Gun

You know that old saying ‘if you play with fire for long enough, you’re going to get burned’? I think that only applies in America. In London the phrase goes, “If you play with fire long enough, whatever man”.

This dude is like that kid in middle school who goes up to the class bully and waves his hands in their face chanting “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you!” The kid obviously knows he is significantly outmatched, but some people get their kicks from poking the bear. That bear could be one of two types: a teddy bear, in which case he’d probably just turn red and give you a few sheepish warnings, or a fucking grizzly bear, in which case he’d pull your underwear so far up your ass you’ll start talking like Adam Levine sings.

The London Police, recognizing a it was a harmless stunt, took the form of slightly perturbed teddy bears. Something tells me that if this happened in America, he’d be singing “She Will Be Loved” through a breathing tube.