Dude’s Genius Way To Skip A Midterm Exam Deserves An A+ And A Standing Ovation

cheating exam


For those of you who didn’t cut corners in college, please see yourselves out. Thanks for clicking, but this post may be lost on you. This is for the bros and broettes who spent more time trying to swindle the system than they did studying for exams. If that sounds inefficient to you, you’re right. But also wrong. Using innovation and creativity to cheat the system garners a heightened sense of achievement. There’s some honor in doing it your way. Even if that way is fraud, trickery, and using your parent’s hard earned money of weed and Colt 45’s rather than an honest education.

More than one way to skin a cat, right?

This college bro who was woefully unprepared for his midterm exam used some astute intelligence to bail on it.


cheating 2

What an innovator. Reminds me of a young me. So much promise in this kid. I plan on teaching my kids this technique.

But for the record brah, you can always go with the answers written on the inside of a Poland Springs bottle or the old-fashioned write-it-on-the-hand technique.

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