Dude Shoots His Shot With Girl Asking For A Wedding Date On Twitter–Three Years Later, They Get Married

by 2 years ago


Movies and pop culture have misled us to believe that we’re going to meet our life partners while reading the same book in a tasteful Brooklyn bookstore or after sneaking on the Titanic. But those scenarios have little correlation to real life, seeing as e-books have made bookstores obsolete and the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic killing 1,500 people, including Jack Dawson. Yeah, not the romantic ending anyone was expecting.

But, that’s life, and succumbing to the realization that you’ll probably spark up your first conversation with your future wife after clogging the toilet in the public bathroom she’s waiting to use is essential in lowering your expectations to match likelihood.

And although Llia Apostolou and Phil Gibson didn’t meet outside a port-a-potty, their love story is equally unsentimental.

It all started back in July of 2014 when Llia jokingly asked her male Twitter followers if someone, anyone, would be interested in accompanying her to a wedding she was invited to.

At the risk of coming for thirstier than a dude who just ate a sleeve of saltines after a bong rip, a stranger named Phil Gibson was the first man to arrive on the scene.

The two then went on a flirtatious back-and-forth, with Phil putting in the early work to set himself up for some skin slapping post-wedding.

Fast forward three years to the day, that tiny seed grew into what you see below.

Let this be a lesson to you bros that shooting your shot on social media can lead to everlasting love. Or a restraining order. But stop being afraid of what can go wrong and start getting excited of what could go right.

[h/t Some eCards]