Watch This Dude In A Canoe Get Viciously Speared By A Naked Tackler And Become Fish Food

by 4 years ago
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.07.31 PM


Look at how peaceful and serene this scene starts out. Just a man and the open water. Looks like one of those tacky paintings you see in those old wood lake houses. But if the video ended there, I obviously wouldn’t be writing about it and you sure as hell wouldn’t have clicked. Because me and you, we’re alike. We like to see good things turn horribly wrong. Not like permanently wrong, just wrong enough for it to be hilarious. Although this dude may or may not be permanently dead.

Remember bros, always wear a life jacket so your dead body can float to the top and you can be given a proper burial after your naked friend spears you into the lake floor.