Dude Wearing An ‘I

I don’t know what this gentleman who is rocking an “I <3 Boobs” shirt did to piss off this guy on the bus, but he really shouldn’t have. Several women attempt to hold back the furious man who is on a warpath. However he can not be contained and he lashes out at my fellow breast enthusiast. The enraged man breaks through and absolutely smashes boob man with four BRUTAL right hooks. The unfortunate man is sitting dazed from the hard-hitting blows to his noggin.

He attempts to pull himself up and that was a grave mistake. Despite the fact that the fight was clearly over, and the tit admirer was obviously disoriented and in no shape to retaliate, the livid brawler continued his onslaught. The asshole reared back and unleashed an unholy and gratuitous Sparta kick to his face while he was already down. The boob worshipper was knocked out cold and lay helpless on the floor of the bus. Just absolutely fucked up to go on the violent offensive like that on a man who is unquestionably done fighting.

Looks like my boy might need to a new t-shirt that says “I <3 Eating Through A Straw.”