This Dude’s Nonchalant Reaction To His Hot Girlfriend Slipping And Falling Into A Quarry Has People Pissed


You and your girlfriend are happy. You both love each other and support one another in your individual endeavors. She cuts off the crust of your sandwiches just the way you like it and you pretend to enjoy sushi even though it never fills you up solely because its her meal of choice. You even went to paint night with her and her friends during Sunday Night Football. You painted a blue duck because you’ve never seen a blue duck. It truly was an excellent blue duck, Billy. Your sex life is vivacious and oral sex is still very much in play. You, by all standards of measurement, love her.

But as you’re walking up to the top of the cliff to marvel in each other’s nuances and enjoy the majestic views on a romantic date, she casually mentions that next week she’s meeting up with her new friend Chad who she met at the gym. Chad is new to the city and doesn’t have many friends besides his fedora and his vape pen. Chad told her this while he was helping her with her squat form, even though she never asked. To avoid coming across as the jealous lover, you do your best to mutter up a sincere ‘sounds fun,’ even though your insides are boiling.

You arrive at the top of the cliff and your girl strips down to her bathing suit thong. She’s got a very pretty backside, ‘thanks to Chad’s tutelage,’ a voice in your head says. You sit down on the rocks, still fuming, and your girl stumbles a bit. As she tries to avoid falling 40 feet into the water below, she looks to you for help. But, well….


This video has been posted to Reddit where it has gained steam and has garnered many comments detesting the dude for not making more of an effort to save his girlfriend. I saw the phrases ‘Beta male’ and ‘Bitch Boy’ being thrown around a few times.

Poor girl. All she was doing was being open and honest with you. But I guess that proved to be a:

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