Dude Cleverly Recruits His Friends To Go Drinking On A Weekday With Ice Cold Scheme


You bros see this lad (English for ‘bro’)? His name is Jack Potter and his only mission in this photo is to convince his friends to stop being an army of baby back bitches and come out for 3-13 pints of ice cold lagers. Why? Because it’s Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Jack, his group chat message was received with the same reception as if he asked his boys to help him move a baby grand piano out of his apartment.

So, he had to get crafty. Jack told LADbible:

“The weather was beautiful, but they’ve all just started new jobs so they were bottling going out. I knew half of them wouldn’t even reply, let alone turn up, but I wasn’t having it.”

In order to avoid being Stephen Glansberg, Jack used the power of Snapchat to hit his friends’ in their soft spot: free drinks. He used the ‘copy’ function to clone his frothy cold glass of beer into five frothy cold glasses of beer.


Low and behold, Jack’s friends came quicker than I did on prom night.

Jack said: “The first mate came in the beer garden and first thing he said was ‘where the fuck’s the pints then?’ so I told him to go buy them himself and stop being a cheap skate and he stormed off to the bar.”

Slow clap.


[h/t LADbible]

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