CRINGE: Dude Accidentally Sends Sappy Text Meant For His Girlfriend To His Bro Group Text

The distinctive difference between a guy group of friends and a girl group of friends is that the bro group exists solely to shit on one another. There is a positive correlation between the number of derogatory comments made in a group text and how tight-knit that group of friends is. Just this morning, I reamed my friend Tony out for hooking up with a girl who legit looked like Gary Busey back in HIGH SCHOOL. 10 years ago. I would die for Tony. But this broad’s O face was probably like:


Point is, all dudes need is one itty bitty reason to shit on one another and we fucking run with it. Oh, Dan got a bad haircut? Let’s remind him of it before his big date. Pat hasn’t paid for a drink at the bar since the Oakland Raiders made the playoffs? Fuck Pat, that stingy asshole. John sent a sappy message to the group text that was meant for his girlfriend?? Everyone join in on taking a watery dump on him. FUCK JOHN for finding his soul’s counterpart in another. You’re not supposed to be vulnerable, bro, YOU’RE A MAN! *Matt sobs quietly in the corner for being lonely, blames it on allergies*

That’s exactly what happened to this British dude who accidentally sent a ‘goodnight’ text to his boys via the messaging app WhatsApp. His friends were infinitely more forgiving than my group of friends would have been.

What do you think, bros? How would your friends receive the message?

[h/t LADbible]

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