Dude Starts Fight With Worst Sucker Punch Ever Then Promptly Gets His Ass Beat

These two gentlemen are having a disagreement stemming from an incident where the chap in the argyle sweater jumped on the hood of the other gent’s car. The car owner claims that the other man dented his vehicle. Instead of taking their grievances to Judge Judy, they settled it in a different manner.

The car owner attempts to attack the other man with the absolute worst suck punch that I have ever seen. When the argyle sweater dude is looking the other way the other guy takes a cheap shot at him and completely misses everything.

Bruh, how you gonna completely miss on a sucker punch? The whole point of a sucker punch is that you are attacking your opponent with no warning whatsoever so that they are taken by surprise and won’t be able to evade your offensive.

After several other feeble attempts at punching by the aggressor, the car denting guy does work and takes his sucker punching opponent down hard.

The car owner’s friends show their support by laughing at him and repeatedly yelling, “I told you not to start that fight!”

Bruh, how you gonna get your ass beat by a guy in an argyle sweater?

Lesson learned, don’t sucker punch people and don’t get into fights when you can’t fight to save your life.