Dude Gets ‘Temporary’ Mike Tyson Henna Face Tattoo That Burns A Permanent Scar…On His Face

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Important Announcement: If you ever have the insatiable desire to lose all your friends and get a henna tattoo, stay as far away from ‘black henna’ as you can. Unlike the natural, plant-based brown henna commonly used, black henna is just black hair dye containing a synthetic called paraphenylenediamine, which was outlawed by the European Union for causing severe skin burns.

Just ask Twitter user James Colley. While vacationing in Zante, Greece, Colley paid a little over $10 bucks to get a replica of Mike Tyson’s infamous tribal face tattoo with black henna.

Not a bad job by the tattoo artist.





Colley posted the side-by-side to Twitter and didn’t sound as depressed as he should be.

“Got a €10 @MikeTyson henna tattoo in Zante, it’s only gone and scarred my face for the next 3-5 years!”

Don’t worry bud, you’re not the only one whose henna tattoo ruined his life.

You heard it here first bros, stay away from black henna like you avoid the dude with a cold sore in the blunt circle.

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