A Bro May Be Getting A Secret Service Visit Soon After Sending A Shot Of His Dick To Barack Obama



If there’s one male behavior that we have an uncompromising stance on, it’s that you should never send a woman an unsolicited dick pic.

It’s a pretty fucking simple rule to follow, and one that has the added benefit of you not being a jackass.

But note, that rule only refers to women. I could care less how many shots of your cock you want to pop off to every other dude in your contacts list. And if you send your penis to someone famous enough, I may even be impressed.

Twitter user @danchovy meets that standard. Because he found that wine bottle holder that looks like a chef guzzling a hog and set a ridiculously low barrier. Fifty retweets and he’d stick his dick in it and send it to the president of the United States.


That is fucking dedication.

According to @danchovy, Obama has not yet gotten back to him.

Me too.

[Via Daily Dot]