This Bro’s 4/20 Themed Promposal Makes Me Upset He Didn’t Ask Me

What happened to the times of asking a girl to prom through AIM Instant Messenger because I’m too much of a Beta Male to ask her in person? Kids nowadays are going above and beyond to ask ladies to the most anticipated night in a high schoolers life. And I’m glad some are being posted to the Internets. We’ve all seen our fair share of promposals–ranging from *CuTe* to cheesy to flat out awkward.

But the promposal from redditor LegalizeOtt is the only way I ever want to be invited to prom. And I was waiting by my locker for the entire first period. Your loss, bro, I probably would have put out.

“Wish me luck,” LegalizeOtt wrote in a caption of five perfectly plump joints with the word “P-R-O-M-?” spelled out across them.

He then jumped on reddit to confirm what we all already knew: “She said yes, and then we got high.”

The Daily Dot reached out to follow up with LegalizeOtt about his ingenious idea and he had the following to say:

“Lol I had the idea because we both love smoking weed, and she gave me a few hints that i should ask her to prom before so I wasnt too nervous. We went to a nice smokespot with a great view over the city. We smoked 1 and a half of the 5 there but left early because some rednecks showed up. For the dance itself me and my friend planned to get an half oz to smoke before the dance, and my date is probably bringing some tree too so we’ll be really high.”

Bro, I’ll be waiting across the street (exactly 101 yards) in my shitbox Mazda and 1977 letterman jacket waiting to pick you up from the dance so we can take a little ride. Oh ya, does your girl have a sister? I don’t care if she’s ugly, I probably won’t see much of her anyway.

…Or if you just want to get it in with your chick on your big night I can scrape resin hits out of my bong and watch cartoons in my underwear.

[H/T Daily Dot]

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