This Dunkin’ Donuts Hell-Raiser Might Be the Worst Person Alive Today

Meet the person who will fill you with blind rage for the next 15 minutes of your life. We do not know who she is, despite Reddit's well-intentioned, yet probably ill-advised, Facebook search. She (let's just call her Pazuzu) recently entered a Dunkin' Donuts and asked for a free meal, telling the staff that she never received a receipt on her last coffee run. Because Dunkin' Donuts does offer a refund policy for customers who do not get the 3-foot-long printout that proves purchase of a $1.49 drip cup, Pazuzu was entitled to something free from the restaurant.

Pazuzu turned this into an excuse to film an 8-minute diatribe, which she repeatedly said “would be going on Facebook,” directed at the workers of the Dunkin' Donuts. The poor guy at the counter handles the situation about as well as humanely possible, even when Pazuzu tries to pull the “I HAVE A BUSINESS DEGREE” card in the process of scamming the free Strawberry Coolatta. It all culminates at the seven-minute mark (yes, I somehow watched this entire stupid thing), when Pazuzu calls the Dunkin' Donuts employees “sandn*ggers” and says that this Strawberry Coolatta is retribution for 9/11. It's all so unbearably arrogant, racist, and horrible, and I'm left with the utmost respect for the professionalism of the poor people in Pazuzu's path.

And also: Why does the Internet keep turning up shitheads like this? 

[H/T: Gawker]