4’4” Dwarf To Marry His 6’3” Transgender Girlfriend And Unite As Florida’s Happiest Couple

At just 4-foot-4-inches tall, Anton Kraft claims to be the strongest man in the world (proportionately), citing the heaviest benchpress weight for anyone in his weight class. At 6-foot-3-inches, China Bell said it was love at first sight when she laid eyes upon her Danish dwarf.

The UK’s Mirror is asking readers if this is ‘the world’s most unlikely happy couple?’ and it seems like a foolish question to me.

As a lover of love who knows that love knows know bounds it’s obvious that love is lost on the writers of the UK’s Mirror. Each day across the world we see headlines like this, or like this, of ACTUALLY unlikely couples. All this story is about is the coming together of two lovers, and some minor obstacles they’ve had to jump over to get there. Sure the height difference might be a little jarring for outsiders, but who gives a shit? Let these two lovers do whatever their hearts desire!

So raise up your glass for the coming together of a technically same-sex marriage of a couple with a combined height of 10-foot-7-inches, which when divided by two is pretty short, but not as short as Kevin Hart’s marriage would be if he married himself.