Another E-Cig Blew Up In Someone’s Face, Leaving This Kid Looking Like An Extra On ‘The Walking Dead’

Vaping is a polarizing subject for BroBible readers. I’ll never let our own Cass Anderson forget when someone commented on one of his anti-vaping posts with, “Does anyone else think Cass Anderson is a huge pole smoker?” It hurt him more than he lead us to believe.

But I’m not here to make enemies. The intention of this post isn’t to remind you that the shit in your e-cigs are causing lung disease. Or that some studies show that e-cigs are just as bad for you as regular cigs. Believe me, I’m the last one who should be shaming people for unhealthy decisions. I ate cold pizza for breakfast this morning and would probably try meth if my friends were doing it.

I am here to say E-CIGS ARE BLOWING THE FUCK UP ON PEOPLE’S FACES. Not just one person. Or two. Many.

The latest vaping catastrophe victimized a 16-year-old Canadian kid who was rushed to the hospital after the device exploded mid-drag. The results were devastating.

According to The Canadian Press,

Perry Greer says his son Ty, 16, was using the device in a car last week in Lethbridge when the e-cigarette exploded.

“It lit my kid’s face on fire, busted two teeth out,” Greer said Wednesday.

“It burned the back of his throat, burned his tongue very badly. If he wasn’t wearing glasses, he possibly could have lost his eyes.”

Greer said the family raced Ty to hospital. He remembers hugging his son as he writhed in agony waiting for a dose of morphine to kick in.

“He wanted to die. That is how much pain he was in.”

Greer doesn’t know why the device exploded.

“He pushed the button and blew in, and then you wait a couple of seconds, and then you puff on it. It was about two inches from his mouth and it just blew apart.”

Now again, I don’t have a problem with you bros killing yourselves slowly with substances and poor decisions that give you benefit in the present (I actually encourage it), but I don’t want to see your lives go up in flames in an instant. The buzz from the vape just isn’t strong enough.

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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