Eight-Year-Old With The Foulest Mouth Curses Out Newspaper Editor For Messing With His Comics Section

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that when I was eight I didn’t know the word ‘shithole.’ I was a pretty precocious curser, but I don’t think real bad words entered my lexicon until middle school.

I could be wrong, but even if I’m am, I’ve got nothing on an eight-year-old in Bloomington, Indiana who called the Herald-Times editor-in-chief after some of his favorite comics had been removed from the Sunday funnies.

“Idiot jerk shitholes,” he calls them, and he’s right. Except when he lobbies for ‘Better or Worse.’ That comic sucks.

Here’s the full audio. The unidentified kid sneaks in a few ‘jerks’ when his parents aren’t paying attention, but the real gem comes at the end.

According to the paper, “His mom told [the editor-in-chief] he admitted to her he hadn’t been as nice as he should have been on his voice message.”

I’d say so. Idiot jerk shitholes.

[H/T Tweetin Zim]