Hey E-Cig Smokers, Are You Enjoying Those Ridiculously High Levels Of Cancer Causing Formaldehyde?

Both the makers and smokers of E-Cigs want you to believe they are significantly safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they’re wrong.

Firstly, it’s nearly impossible to justifiably say that electronic cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, because you’re comparing vapor (and nicotine) to smoke (and nicotine). But, if you’re going to boil it down to ‘will this hurt my body’ the two aren’t so different after all.

NPR is reporting on a recent study from the ‘New England Journal of Medicine‘, in which e-cigs were found to have alarmingly high levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a well established cancer causing agent, specifically it leads to lung cancer, but you’re most likely familiar with it as an embalming fluid. It’s that liquid that people put brains into when they want to preserve specimens in jars, and other organic compounds.

Well as it turns out, it’s also all up in those electronic cigarettes being smoked everywhere, and it’s likely giving all the E-Cig champions lung cancer as I’m writing this very article.

One of the absolute worst things about E-Cigs is how fucking high and mighty the smokers are riding on their white stallions of entitlement. They puff on them everywhere, from restaurants to subways, and everywhere in between. If someone calls an E-Cig smoker out on the vapor and smoking in doors they don’t hesitate to lose their shit immediately, flipping out about how it’s only vapor and no different than breathing. Well think about this asshole: I, nor anyone around you, want to watch you or anyone taking massively deep breaths in the middle of a restaurant, and exhaling like you just came in your pants. Even if the vapor didn’t cause lung cancer, which it does, nobody should be forced to watch you get off to your little e-pen.

But that’s my own stance, here’s what NPR has to say concerning the science of it all:

Vapor produced by electronic cigarettes can contain a surprisingly high concentration of formaldehyde — a known carcinogen — researchers reported Wednesday.

The findings, described in a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine, intensify concern about the safety of electronic cigarettes, which have become increasingly popular.

“I think this is just one more piece of evidence amid a number of pieces of evidence that e-cigarettes are not absolutely safe,” says David Peyton, a chemistry professor at Portland State University who helped conduct the research.

The e-cigarette industry immediately dismissed the findings, saying the measurements were made under unrealistic conditions.

“They clearly did not talk to [people who use e-cigarettes] to understand this,” says Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association. “They think, ‘Oh well. If we hit the button for so many seconds and that produces formaldehyde, then we have a new public health crisis to report.’ ” But that’s not the right way to think about it, Conley suggests.

“We simulated vaping by drawing the vapor — the aerosol — into a syringe, sort of simulating the lungs,” Peyton says. That enabled the researchers to conduct a detailed chemical analysis of the vapor. They found something unexpected when the devices were dialed up to their highest settings.

“To our surprise, we found masked formaldehyde in the liquid droplet particles in the aerosol,” Peyton says.

He calls it “masked” formaldehyde because it’s in a slightly different form than regular formaldehyde — a form that could increase the likelihood it would get deposited in the lung. And the researchers didn’t just find a little of the toxicant.

“We found this form of formaldehyde at significantly higher concentrations than even regular cigarettes [contain] — between five[fold] and fifteenfold higher concentration of formaldehyde than in cigarettes,” Peyton says.

And formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

“Long-term exposure is recognized as contributing to lung cancer,” says Peyton. “And so we would like to minimize contact (to the extent one can) especially to delicate tissues like the lungs.”

So there you have it, smoke E-Cigarettes and you’re inhaling a cancer causing agent that WILL presumably give you lung cancer. If you continue to argue otherwise you’re wearing blinders, and/or you’re full of shit.

Now go forth into the world and share this with that one person you know who can’t help but throw the merits of E-Cigs in your face at any opportunity possible.

For more on this topic you can head on over to NPR, and/or read the study in full HERE.


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