Bro Gets High For His First Time And Turns Into A Blissful Potato

There’s a lot of debate over whether or not you actually get high the first time you smoke weed, but one thing’s for certain: smoke pot often enough and you’ll get high eventually.

It’s unclear whether or not this is the very first time this guy smoked week, or just the first time he got baked, but it’s obvious that whatever he’s done the weed has allowed him to transcend this boring ass world the rest of us inhabit. The unfettered bliss in which he’s experiencing at the moment of this Vine is something we can all be envious of:


I want to feel those feels…is that so wrong? Watching this vine for the 80th loop in a row has awakened a deep desire within to head on home and smoke a big fat bowl….and after watching this on repeat you will too.

But what to do once we’re all in the mindset of the cherubic gentleman featured above? Well, it just so happens I came across some hi-resolution photographs of Cannabis underneath a microscope, and they’re all sorts of fascinating. So like I said before, pack up that bowl, light it up, and rediscover what it means to feel at peace with the world….

And if you’re STILL interested in more weed content, here’s an article I wrote last 4/20 when I traveled to Colorado for the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup’…which is basically the Super Bowl of Weed.