Lawsuit Claims Elementary School Teachers Ran A Fight Club And I Guess We’re Just Ignoring The First Rule Here?

Kids will fight. It’s human nature. We’re all really just animals on the inside. Kids will especially fight in school. You just never expect to hear about a school where fighting among students was not only encouraged but organized by teachers and staff.


“In their federal lawsuit, the parents accuse teachers in the school of forcing their 6-year-old sons to beat up other students as a means of discipline throughout the 2009 school year.

The suit alleges that if a child misbehaved, select teachers would step out of the classroom and force another student to “jump” the student.

“If the kids didn’t fight, then the teachers would hit them,” said Corbin.”

These are 6-year-olds? Jesus. Do they even know how to punch or throw up hands to block? Maybe that was taught in class instead of stuff on the Founding Fathers? “No lessons on George Washington today, kids. Today we’re going to learn about George Foreman.”

Sadly, it gets much worse.

“You basically ruined my life and you ruined my child’s life because of what you did to him,” said Ms. Corbin, a former Hilliard mother who didn’t want to use her first name.

She and fellow parent Yolanda Anderson told KHOU 11 News on Thursday that their children were changed forever by what happened inside Hilliard’s walls.

“He was a good kid. It went from a good kid to an animal. I don’t know how else to describe it,” said Corbin.

The parents are suing for damages and a chance to fight the winner of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.

[via KHOU]

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