Behind The Scenes Training With Members Of The Secret Service Elite Sniper Team

Wherever the President of the United States of America goes Secret Service agents are there to protect him on the ground as well as on the rooftops, where there are always Secret Service snipers stationed. As you’ll see in the clip above these elite snipers work in tandem, with either member able to take a shot at any moment. This is one of the most high-stress jobs in the world, being tasked with protecting the life of the Leader of the Free World.

Prior to President Obama’s trip to NYC for the United Nations General Assembly earlier this month CBS News was able to go behind the scenes with some of the Secret Service snipers and take a peek into how the sauce is made. Imagine a world where there can be absolutely ZERO hesitation but simultaneously no mistakes can ever be made. That’s the world that these men live in, and it’s a terrifying thought for a civilian like myself. I’d crack under pressure like that within week one.

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