These Are the Ends of the Roads on Google Maps

Another guy who likes GeoGuessr is the Atlantic's Alan Taylor. And he wasn't just satisfied with its ability to uproot you from your desk and transplant you into a completely foreign, sometimes shocking road where you'll never travel. Taylor wanted to find the ends of the roads, the places the Google Map cars couldn't make it past. He found oceans, country border crossings, and volcanic sludge. Below is a small sample. View the rest here.

British Columbia, Border of USA and Canada:

(What security!)

Cape Agulhas, South Africa:

Craters Road, Hawaii:

Key West, Florida:

Macau, China:

Northern Territories, Canada:

Arrested Development fans will recognize a very dirty Google Maps car.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong, China:

Paulista, Brazil:

Sand Island, Midway Islands:

Southland, New Zealand:

Whittier, Alaska:

Svalbard, Norway: