Enormous Brawl Broke Out At Hulk Hogan’s Bar On The Fourth Of July, The Hulkster Might’ve Actually Trained These Bouncers



Whatcha gonna do, Hulkamaniacs, when my bar bouncers put a choke hold on on youuuuuu!!!

An absolutely brutal brawl erupted at Hogan’s Beach – the Tampa, FL, bar owned by WWE legend Hulk Hogan – on the Fourth of July, and resulted in its fair share of beat downs. Most of those beat downs came courtesy of the Hogan’s Beach bouncing staff, who looked as if they could’ve been trained by the Hulkster himself.

At one point, in the most WWE-esque way possible, the brawl escalated to the parking lot where choke holds were being delivered left and right, while on-looking girlfriends freaked the fuck out, and then resorted to hair pulling.

The more than 6 minutes of fight footage comes courtesy of local station, News Channel 8, and is about as “no holds barred” as it gets for a bar fight.

Apparently, in Florida, “security is allowed to use force to defend themselves just like any other citizen as well as to detain a patron until police arrive.” Words of one of the Tampa police officers responding to the scene, for the record. Given the actions of the Hogan’s Beach staff, that’s kind of alarming.

The original video is more than 12 minutes in length. News Channel 8 has edited it for time. The video shows a fight beginning in the eatery and bar. It’s not clear what caused the fight to break out. Police said no one was arrested after the fight. One man was barred from entering Hogan’s for the next year. That man, James Arroyo, told News Channel 8 he was advised by his attorney not to speak about the fight.

But totally not as alarming as the fact that not a single person was arrested for the altercation. If this happens anywhere else, that’s assault, brotha!

Residents say they’ve complained about Hogan’s Beach before. “This is just a bunch of thugs that are showing up to a place where they can exercise their anger,” said Bud Blanton who lives nearby and has complained about the activities at Hogan’s Beach to the Tampa City Council.

Police have been called to Hogan’s Beach more than 100 times since February. “Because everybody is so star struck with the name Hogan that they’re just being allowed to do as they pleas,e and we’ve got to put up with it and try and let law enforcement control it,” Blanton said.

Our own Cass Anderson pretty much corroborated the lawlessness that runs rampant at Hulk Hogan’s place, nothing that he knows a guy who once had his shin snapped in half as a result of an altercation with bouncers at the establishment.

Ironically, it seems, rules don’t apply anywhere at Hogan’s Beach, as the bouncing staff wasn’t exactly enforcing the dress code for the bar from the looks of of it, either.

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