This Devastated Kid Has An Important, And Emotional, Message About The Environment


Allie Hall/Facebook

Are you passionate about our planet? Bet you are not as passionate as this kid. Apparently, once Henry was picked up from school, he absolutely lost it about how we MUST take care of our planet better.


The thing is, though, he has a great point. We all need to be this passionate about the place we all call home. Can every single one of us save the entire planet in one fell swoop? No. But we can do small things everyday – household recycling being a great starting point.

Henry is so passionate about this cause that he might even call you a bad word. And it seems like Henry (and his parents probably) don’t want it to come to that. So, save Henry a timeout session and start recycling or pick up some trash no one else is willing to.

A little can go a long way. Thanks for the gut-punching reminder, Henry.

[H/T Allie Hall, Facebook]

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