Have You Ever Had A Clingy Girlfriend Who Wouldn’t GTFO? This Tinder Profile Perfectly Summarizes That Experience

by 4 years ago


No one likes it when their friends get wifed up and then proceed to ignore you for the rest of the relationship. It’s kind of like being adopted by a really nice family and then find out that you’re actually going to be living in the port-o-potty located in the back yard. Sure you’re still part of the family, but no one really gives a shit about you because you live in a port-o-potty. Go away you feces-lathered bastard, I showered this morning and don’t want your filth anywhere near me.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, that comparison was either really stupid (check!) or you’re a dirty filthy fuckin’ liar. Hopefully this Bro’s Tinder bio will jog all the memories you’ve spent years trying to repress and turn the numerous therapy sessions your parents blew $200 an hour on into a complete waste of time. Huzzah!

GVR0ThK (1)


[H/T Reddit]