Ex-Fraternity Member Is Not Handling The Real World Well And Gets Arrested For Peeing On His Old Frat House

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Ex frat members arrested

Graduating college sucks. I don’t even think I need to fully explain that statement but I will, just so we’re all on the same page. You go from living with your friends and drinking 6 or 7 days a week to living with your parents and maybe drinking once or twice if you’re feeling frisky. Plus, you have responsibilities. 9-5 job? Paying rent? Health insurance? Fuck all of that. Fuck it right in the face.

Really, I blame the system for forcing us to graduate college. “You can’t stay in college forever.” Says fucking who? Where did that rule come from? A higher power? No. It was old white dudes sitting in a room who were jealous of all the kids getting drunk and playing just the tip at college while they had to sit around and die. So I get people’s rage when they have to graduate college and the party has to come to an end. However, there is a time and a place for this rage, namely in your head at all times and never outside of it. Which is pretty much exactly what these two kids did not do.

Via WBRZ 2:

“The LSU Police Department says they arrested two men after they were caught on surveillance camera urinating on a door of the Sigma Chi fraternity house before stealing a chair.

20-year-old Alexander McCollam and 21-year-old Logan McCaughey were booked on charges of simple burglary and criminal mischief. 

LSU PD said they were contacted by the house mother of the Sigma Chi house on the university’s campus after she said she’d discovered the gate on the western side of the house appeared to have been tampered with. She said she reviewed surveillance footage to observe two men pull up at the house in a truck pulling a boat trailer. Once they’d exited the vehicle, the men were caught on camera as they began urinating on the back door. The suspects could then be seen forcing their way through the wooden gate that was closed and secured with a chain. At around 12:56 a.m., they were seen removing a white-and-gray Lifetime brand chair valued at about $25 from the property before fleeing the scene. 

The house mother was also able to identify McCaughey as a former member of the fraternity.

When LSU Police contacted McCaughey, he initially said he would come by the station for questioning by officers, but later refused through his father. McGauhey’s father would later meet officers at the LSUPD with the stolen chair in his possession to return it. Last Thursday, McCaughey met with LSU Police, identifying Alexander McCollom as the other suspect and admitted to going to the Sigma Chi house on the night in question.”

Listen, I get it. Fuck these kids for having fun while you have to have to go sit in a cubicle and build up your 401k. But breaking into their house to steal a single chair and piss on the property isn’t doing anybody any favors. There were two of you and you only stole one chair? What were you going to do, sit on each other’s laps? Again, there’s a time and place for your hatred of a flawed system, and that wasn’t either. Just bottle your anger up and take it out on your kids in 20 years like a regular person. Besides, you’ll eventually be able to go back to college. Or your wallet will, when you pay for your kids to go to college.

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