Advantageous New Study Finds That Exchanging Nudes Is Actually Good For Your Sex Life

It seems like every time we log onto the world wide webs, we are peppered with stories of the negative consequences of sending nudes. And don’t get me wrong, there are many–revenge nude leaks, thirsty dudes prematurely asking for nudes, nude blackmail, nude photoshopping, the list goes on.

The negative consequences of a small minority have cast a gloomy cloud over the vast majority who send and receive nudes responsibly. Almost all of us aren’t going to bring a weapon on a plane, but we all gotta take our shoes and belts off and walk through the damn metal detector because a couple assholes hate their fathers. The same line of thinking applies for nudies.

Generally, before broaching the subject of nudes, ask yourself three questions :

1.) Have you seen this person naked before? If yes, move onto step 2. If no, you’re embarking on a suicide mission.
2.) Is it outside the normal work hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5)? If yes, move on to step 3. If no, get a job, bro.
3.) Is her father in her life? If yes, abort mission. If no, ask away, partner.

Ok the last criteria may not be an exact science.

Anyhoo, the folks over at DrEd have done God’s work and shed some light on the positive consequences of nude sending and how it can bolster one’s sex life. The DrEd team surveyed over 2,000 Europeans and Americans to see how often they send nude photos, what parts of their body they’re more comfortable showing off, and how much better their sex life is because of it.

Good news for us red-blooded Americans: we’re owning those sissies over in Europe in nude photo sending.

For the BroBible demographic (18-24), we are 7% better than Europeans at shooting d-picks off and 5% better at receiving them. There is room for improvement in that there is a 7% gap difference in American men sending pics in relation to American women. That means 7% of these dudes are left, quite literally, with their dicks in their hands.

Now let’s talk the recipients of these nudies.

According to the study, women were more hesitant in sending out a sexually suggestive message. Over half of women were inclined to send a sext only to a long-term partner or spouse.

Now for the good news. The study found that those who sexted quite frequently had a higher likelihood of feeling satisfied with their sex life. 

So there you have it. Sending nudes can not only be exciting, but good for your relationship. Now excuse me while I text my lady.

Check out the whole study over at DrEd

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