27-Year-Old Hottie Sets World Record As Being The Fastest Person To Visit Every Country In The World

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27-year-old Cassandra de Pecol just set a world record by visiting every country in the world, all 196 of them, in only 18 months. The triathlete from Washington, Connecticut cataloged her adventures on Facebook and Instagram, calling her world record-setting trip ‘Expedition 196‘.

She completed her adventure on February 2nd. In total, she only chipped in $10,000 out of pocket to finish an adventure that cost an estimated $198,000. The rest of the money spent on the trip Cassie picked up from sponsorships. She’d convinced boutique hotels and airlines to put her up for free in exchange for promotion on social media and on her blog.

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Managing criticism • • • It's not okay to let others opinions (good + bad) shape who you are and who you aim to become, but I encourage you to let their words fuel you to pursue a life for yourself that you could have never in your wildest dreams have imagined. It's always been a desire of mine to inspire others that would in turn, inspire myself to create and grow positively in the right direction. My motto has always been, "I want to live an iconic lifestyle where I do what I want, when I want, and inspire those along the way". The negativity I get from this Expedition is vast, and while I'll never know why I've been criticized for my hard work and dedication to make even just a small, positive change in our world or how I travel for that matter, this negativity contradictory, only fuels me to do bigger things and reach higher in order to craft something more vast and impactful to positively enhance our world, while leaving a great legacy behind. Thankfully, the judgements that I've read have really fueled me to start several major projects that I've recently started working on. I often wonder that if I never received this criticism from others, I'd never be driven enough to change our world for the better… and hopefully one day I won't rely on these judgements to make these great forward movements in life, but for now, it's worked well enough. Never define your value as a person based off what people tell you about who you are or what you do. Own your life, own your values, own your morals and never let anyone dictate your decisions or frame who you are or who they think you should be. It is your life and no one has a surefire solution to a successful and winning outcome, but you. So, I encourage you to use not only fear but negativity and criticism from others as embers to your flame. It is only then, once you let all those opinions go, and watch those embers burn to flame, your truth and your story will flourish and you'll be boasting with confidence as to where you're headed. Choose your hard. PC: @unmaderhyme

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Sup? Hanging in the back of a tuk tuk asking myself, "how did I get here?" 🤔. Perhaps it's because I carved my own path and own who I am? My values are strong and I will never lose sight of where I want to be and who I represent. Hold true to your values. You are the dictator of your own life and you choose your own projections. Live in solidarity or take an immense risk and break free. But whatever you do, never stop learning, never stop educating yourself and beyond anything else, never stop challenging yourself for the better, do not be afraid of change. We can all become better versions of ourselves; kinder, more compassionate, more alive, more inquisitive. Be THE BEST of who you are. Each day, I wake up and look in the mirror… I immediately note my flaws, a daily reminder of the rawness and reality of it all… but when I look in the mirror I tell myself this, "I know who I am, my values are strong and I own my life. No one can dictate my future or my life. I'm here for a reason. Find that reason and flourish. Forget haters and naysayers…at the end of the day, I'm alive for an unknown period of time, and I own this being. No one can surpass who I am and who I've worked so hard to become. Why? Because I believe in my individuality and uniqueness. No one has ever known and will ever know the very intricacies of my life, but myself. Stay strong. Hold out. Just.Do.It.". Sound a bit egocentric? Perhaps. But we've all worked so hard to become the individuals we are today and it's crucial to hold true to our values and who we are. Be the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi), be the POWER you wish to see in the world. Be COMPASSIONATE, strong and level-headed. Be yourself and be confident. Go out there and live the adventure. 🚀 • • • #expedition196 #expedition196entrepreneur @expedition196entrepreneur (Online Seminar Starting February 3rd)

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Here’s a look at the completed map, the trip that has garnered Cassie a world record for visiting every country in the world in the shortest amount of time:

She even got a shout out on Saturday Night Live last night from Colin Jost during the ‘Weekend Update’:

You can check out videos from her Expedition 196 adventure HERE on her YouTube channel, and keep up with Cassandra on Twitter and Instagram.

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