27-Year-Old Hottie Sets World Record As Being The Fastest Person To Visit Every Country In The World

27-year-old Cassandra de Pecol just set a world record by visiting every country in the world, all 196 of them, in only 18 months. The triathlete from Washington, Connecticut cataloged her adventures on Facebook and Instagram, calling her world record-setting trip ‘Expedition 196‘.

She completed her adventure on February 2nd. In total, she only chipped in $10,000 out of pocket to finish an adventure that cost an estimated $198,000. The rest of the money spent on the trip Cassie picked up from sponsorships. She’d convinced boutique hotels and airlines to put her up for free in exchange for promotion on social media and on her blog.

Here’s a look at the completed map, the trip that has garnered Cassie a world record for visiting every country in the world in the shortest amount of time:

She even got a shout out on Saturday Night Live last night from Colin Jost during the ‘Weekend Update’:

You can check out videos from her Expedition 196 adventure HERE on her YouTube channel, and keep up with Cassandra on Twitter and Instagram.

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