Awful Politician Has To Pay $25K For Using ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ At Rally In Support Of Awful Woman

Eye of the Tiger

Pay! Pay! Pay!
Pay! Pay! Pay!
Pay, pay, paaaaaaayyyy….


Mike Huckabee will pay $25,000 to the band Survivor for using their hit “Eye of the Tiger” at an event without permission, CNN reports.

Huckabee, who is also a former U.S. presidential candidate, played the song at a rally celebrating the Kentucky county clerk and noted bigot Kim Davis. (Remember her?) Survivor sued, claiming copyright infringement, and Huckabee agreed to the five-figure penalty in a confidential out-of-court settlement. CNN noticed the payment, made to a company owned by Survivor guitarist Frankie Sullivan, on the Huckabee’s latest FEC filing.

In case you don’t remember Ms. Davis, here you go.

It’s amazing that in the year 2016 politicians still think they can play songs for their own cause, not get permission, and get away with it. Especially a song as iconic as Eye of the Tiger. The band Survivor probably just waits around for the song to get used without permission to collect money. It beats playing music in front of empty casino bars.

[via Gawker]

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