Facebook Is Changing The Way People Comment So That You Can Be An Even Bigger Douche Online Without Catching Heat

Have you ever come up with a hysterically offensive response to someone’s photo on Facebook, just to realize that it’s probably best that you don’t post it for fear of the PC-shitlords coming out to nail you to a cross? Me too. That feeling you get when you’re teetering between hitting “post” versus “select all + delete” is one of the most precarious feelings in the world, mostly because you know what you’re thinking about doing is wrong yet so what? If I want to tell a friend the picture of her feet she posted last night makes her look like she has Asperger’s, then goddammit I….probably will not, god forbid I bring an entire army of Tumblr fairies down on myself.

But now Facebook is apparently changing the way people comment on posts and photos, with IOSAppChanges reporting that a new “private comment” feature is on its way:

For those of us who like to troll, but aren’t 100% certain that the average idiot would take your funny comment about how “Harambe was an inside job,” or something like this…

…as a joke…

…this upcoming change will be a welcome feature to Facebook’s ever-growing litany of stupid features that no one asked for, but are happy to have (see: Facebook Live, “LOVE” buttons, etc.).

[H/T Metro]