Facebook Is Finally Developing A Feature To Help Users From Embarrassing Themselves When They Are Drunk

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Facebook Drunk


Facebook, long standing champion of “life ruining due to user error” is finally developing a feature to keep people from doing something they’ll later regret on social media.

There’s a rumor going around that Zuckerberg and crew are developing a warning that will go off when people try to post updates when they’re drunk. How will Facebook know that you’re super drunk and ready to rag on your ex or accidentally post a dick pic to your news feed? It’s going to read your face.

The idea is the brain child of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab chief, Yann LeCun. The process involves building facial recognition technology that can aptly tell the difference between your normal, clean-living self, and the drunk, unhinged and uninhibited version of you.

It’s part of a bigger initiative, which extends beyond Facebook, known as “deep learning”, where tech companies are trying to create digital processes that can mimic the networks of neurons in a human brain.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably along the lines of “Jesus Christ, Facebook is going to be able to read my face? Don’t they own enough of me!” and I agree BUT this change could save your relationship, marriage, career or at least save you a ton of time. You know how much you love Candy Crush when you’re drunk.

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