Derpy Facebook Commenter Gets REALLY Mad At NBC About ‘Gay Agenda’ Peacock Logo That NBC Has Had Since 1957

If you’re a fan of comment-section spectacles, you have to love what happened on Facebook over the weekend. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, Facebook became a platform for enthusiastic displays of support and blood-boiling outrage. Some brands, BroBible included, showed our support for equality. Others remained neutral, but that still managed to piss people off. For example, this guy in Arkansas thought that his local NBC affiliate was changing it’s very-familiar, rainbow peacock logo to “the colors of gays.” Talk about knee-jerk reaction:

This kind of reminds me of the idiots who thought the U.S. Government was really paying a NAVY Seal to throw Bin Laden’s body back in the ocean when it washed up on shore.

Imagine this self-righteous keyboard warrior’s disappointment when he found out this has been NBC’s logo since 1956. The Internet then decided to do it’s thing:

Social media is officially causing people to lose their minds.

The derp is strong with this one.

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