Some Savage On Facebook Live Is Trying To Eat A 50 x 50 From In-N-Out Burger, So Let’s Watch Until He Pukes

If you love a good, disgusting eating challenge, I highly recommend heading over to Foodbeast’s Facebook page, where some savage/idiot is trying to see if he can house a 50 x 50 from IN-N-Out Burger. A 50 x 50, for those who don’t In-N-Out, is a burger with 50 patties.

I’m not sure what I feel worse for — the poor dudes who had to make such a concoction or the guy’s toilet tomorrow. I’m watching this thing until the guy spews all over that the office, mortifying all his co-workers.

The whole thing reminds me of a stunt I did with my best friend a few years ago. He made some insane bet and I told him that, if I was right, the winner had to eat an entire pie of Artichoke Pizza (a all artichoke and cheese pie made with heavy cream) in NYC. He lost the bet and we spent a Saturday afternoon at Whiskey Rebel watching him eat this fucking pie. No less than five bites left to go, he vomits all over the back of the bar, getting our entire group an instant 86 and permanent ban.

That’s how these things always end.

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