Watch A Guy COMPLETELY Fail Jumping His Car Over An Open Bridge And That’s Not Even The Worst Part

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YouTube - WereldRegio Schouwen-Duiveland

Protip: If you plan on jumping from one side of an open bridge to another in your car (a) have a REALLY, REALLY fast car – not a van or an SUV, and (b) stop, get out of your car and hand your keys over to someone with a little more common sense.

WereldRegio says that this accident happened yesterday and has the official police report (as translated by Google)…

Wednesday morning is a man injured after being at the bypass of the Grevelingen lock his car to water was geraakt. The accident happened around 07.30. The 56-year-old driver from Bruinisse drove over the pass from the direction of Bruinisse. The bridge was opened and closed process. The slide area was still about four meters away from the fixed side, when the man rode under the barrier and landed in the water.

The driver was not initially injured himself and climbed out of the car. When he wanted to jump on a concrete ledge, he fell to the edge and sat submerged in the water. He got help from the skipper, who left just the lock. The victim was brought aboard a boat that was at work there. They brought him ashore. By the fall, he broke several ribs, one of which is a lung pierced. The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Dirksland.

Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. The car is a mobile crane hoisted back on dry land. The bypass was closed to traffic for several hours due to the hoisting.

That’s right, bro SURVIVED UNSCATHED after slamming his vehicle into the side of the open bridge only to break his ribs and puncture his lung AFTER he got out of the car. Talk about your all time bad days. Brutal.

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