Footage Of Chinese Factory Workers Making Fake Budweiser Beer Is Deeply Disturbing

by 2 years ago
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If there’s a product that someone is willing to buy then you can bet that someone in China is willing to manufacture a cheap, knockoff version of that product and sell it for less. This is the law of the land. Just look at the meteoric rise of fidget spinners across the globe. The lady who came up with the product hasn’t seen even a fraction of the earnings from that product because it was quickly jacked by Chinese manufacturers and sold on Amazon for CHEAP. Don’t believe me? Just go search ‘Fidget Spinner‘ on Amazon, click on the products, and see where the cheaper ones are shipping from.

But we’re not here to talk about fidget spinners, we’re here to look at this disturbing footage of Chinese factory workers bottling fake Budweiser beer. The factory itself looks like it’s never been cleaned, with dirt and grime visible throughout the video. The workers are using their bare hands to dunk the Budweiser cans into a vat of beer. I can only assume that those Budweiser cans are either fakes or they were picked out of the trash, and the latter is deeply disturbing.

According to Mashable, this factory is located in the city of Dongguan in south China, and it was raided by authorities several weeks ago. What’s staggering is how much counterfeit beer they were pumping out: a reported 600,000 crates of fake Budweiser every month…I can’t even begin to imagine how many people got sick because of this operation.

[h/t Mashable]

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