These Fake ID’s From ID Chief Were For A Kid Named ‘Dean’ But Got Sent To The Dean Of His University Instead

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Purchasing fake ID’s from ID Chief should be something you can put on your resume. For one thing, it builds leadership skills. You gotta go out and organize a group of 10+ people to buy ID’s so they’re cheaper, manage to collect all that money together and then go out and find a Western Union somewhere so you can do a foreign wire transfer thing. Plus, take into account the people skills you learn when the lady at the Western Union counter tries to give you a lecture about sending money to random people overseas because she doesn’t know when to mind her own business and you’ve got all the makings perfect for a middle management position, all in one job!

As I’m sure you’ve deduced by now (or not because you’re not a fucking detective and don’t care enough to use your critical thinking skills on the weekend), I was in charge of getting fake ID’s from ID Chief for my group of friends back in college. Because having them delivered to a dorm room would be a fantastic idea if you’re an idiot, we had them delivered to my off-campus apartment where there was only one “Rebecca Martinson” in residence. Besides, why would you think getting illegal shit delivered to a campus residence would be a good idea? I’m sure they screen that shit…to an extent. Or not. Either way that sounds like a brilliant way to get yourself caught, as several students from a Radnor Township university found out the hard way when a bunch of ID’s addressed to “Dean” were delivered to the dean of the school rather than a student named Dean.

The incident came to light when the unidentified dean opened a package from Guangzhou, China, that contained a small lime-green picture frame. Further examination discovered eight realistic – but fraudulent – identification cards made for four 18-year-old male students inside the back cover. The dean contacted authorities.

The false identification cards, looking very much like official documents from Maryland and Connecticut, were to be used to get into bars, said Lt. Christopher Flanagan of Radnor police.

Police are not identifying the students or the university, Flanagan said. Villanova University, Cabrini College, Eastern University, and Valley Forge Military Academy and College are all in the township.

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Rather than booting their asses to the curb and expelling them, the students have been offered counseling and could reportedly face sanctions for violating school codes. Which, to be fair, if you’re dumb enough to get fake ID’s delivered to you on campus you really deserve. Plus who gets a fake Maryland ID? Maryland has one of the hardest ID’s to fake; you’d literally be better off taping a picture of your face to a Pokemon card and trying to get into the bar as “Bulbasaur Smith.” At least that way maybe the bouncer will get a kick out of it and maybe let you in, rather than cuss you out for trying to pass a shit ID past him.


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