Remember the Army Ranger Who Chewed Out the Fake Solider? Police Arrested Him for the Most Bullshit Reason Ever


Yesterday I posted a video of an ex-Army ranger chewing out a man wearing an Army Ranger uniform who clearly wasn’t actually an Army Ranger. The veteran, Kristopher Vieira, was justified for getting upset, because who in their right mind thinks it’s cool to steal the valor of those who have sacrificed everything to defend our country.

There’s a Part II to the saga, though, and it’s even more screwed up than the first part. Apparently, after he accosted the faker, he was arrested by campus police for disturbing the peace and making threats against the man. In a follow-up video, he posted his confrontation with the police. Sort of seems like he’s getting slapped in the face by a violation of the rights he once joined the Army to defend.