The New ‘Fallout 4: Automatron’ DLC Pack Release Date, And Trailer Have Finally Dropped

Just last month Bethesda Games spread word that they’d be releasing a new DLC pack for ‘Fallout 4’ titled ‘Automatron’ some ambiguous time in March. Well March is already halfway through, but at long last the company revealed ‘Fallout 4: Automatron’ will make its grand debut March 22nd as an addition to the ‘Fallout 4’ season pass; or can even be purchased for a highly reasonable $10. Even better two more DLC add-ons, ‘Wasteland Workshop’ and ‘Far Harbour’ were announced for release sometime over April and May. But why should you be getting lit right now about the new ‘Automatron’ DLC?

Well the storyline is sick. In ‘Automatron’ a dark and foreboding force named’The Mechanist‘ takes up with overpowering The Commonwealth with a pack of despicable robotic fiends hellbent on oppressive domination. And here’s where things get real interesting, real fast: the robots can be torn to shreds, and then repurposed such that you can create your own robotic companion outta’ the wreckage. From there it’s a gradual quest towards ultimately overthrowing ‘The Mechanist’ who like all mad and crazed fuckers completely out of touch with reality believes the human race is weak and should be replaced with soulless robots..

The trailer provides an intimate insight into what seems an impressively developed ‘robot crafting mechanic interface.’ All in all, very stoked about the prospect of amassing a series of loyal robot bros to tend to my character’s every bidding, like taking out all those damn vagrant Raiders (Raiders=apocalyptic wasteland hobos with rudimentary weapon arsenals).