Father Gets Beaten To A Bloody Pulp By High School Kids After Attacking Juvenile While Trying To Break Up Son’s Fight

by 1 year ago

So this is allegedly the first video where a father sees that his son is fist-fighting another kid. One would believe that the father is coming over to break up the fight, but he stops walking when another kid screams in his face. The father, like his son, is quick to throw down. The dad then punches the spectator right in the face. The papa winds up again and smashes the juvenile in the head. That seems to stop the main fight and cause everyone to attack the dad. I don’t know that for sure because the video ends. However, in a second video the father appears beaten to a bloody pulp.

The brawl is said to have gone down in Queens, New York City.

The father states his reason why he attacked the kid, “Because I thought they were jumping in on him, what would you do if it was your kid?”

Great. Now the son of the clobbered father has to get a bumper sticker that says, “My Dad Can’t Beat Up Your Dad Or Even High School Kids.”

Don’t feel too bad for this guy. Rocky always loses the first fight then has a training montage and comes back victorious.


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