FBI: Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter Says He Carried Out Deadly Attack In The Name Of ISIS


The Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter, Esteban Santiago, told FBI agents that he carried out the lethal attack in the name of ISIS that killed five people.

FBI special agent Michael Ferlazzo testified at Santiago’s bond hearing Tuesday and stated that Santiago opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport earlier this month on behalf of the Islamic State.

Ferlazzo testified that Santiago was inspired by Islamic State-related chatrooms and websites. During the 6-hour interview with the FBI, Santiago mentioned that he was under government mind control.

Last year, Santiago visited the FBI office in Anchorage complaining about hearing voices and supposed CIA mind control. Santiago was sent to the Alaska Psychiatric Institute where he stayed for five days, and Anchorage police temporarily seized his gun during that time.

Ferlazzo confirmed that the 9mm Walther handgun used in the Jan. 6 was owned by Santiago, which was the same weapon that Anchorage, Alaska, police seized and later returned to the shooter.

Santiago is charged with killing five people as well as wounding six others during the rampage.

“He has admitted to all of the facts with respect to the terrible and tragic events of Jan. 6,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Del Toro said. “These were vulnerable victims who he shot down methodically.”

Santiago is an Iraq war veteran who was a member of the Puerto Rico and Alaska National Guard.