Slow Clap For China: They Just Introduced ‘Female Only’ Parking Spaces That Are 50% Wider Because LOLOLOL

Can we go ahead and get a slow clap for the Chinese authorities who scoff in the face of political correctness and just introduced ‘female only’ parking spaces that are 50% wider than normal parking spaces and have pink lines, citing the reason for these lady spots as ‘concerns (that) women have trouble parking’.


A number of Chinese parking lots connecting Zhejiang province to Jiangxi province in China’s southeast have sparked outrage after introducing “female only” parking spaces that happen to be much larger than those not assigned to a particular gender.
The spaces, designated by pink paint lines and the international symbol for woman, are 50 per cent wider than other spaces in the service centres. The reason – because women are allegedly bad at parking.
According to China’s Qianjiang Evening News, Pan Zhuren, director of the service area, said he decided to include the girls-only spaces after noticing that some female drivers were having trouble reversing into parking spots, or “parking carelessly.”
Zhuren has since stressed that the parking spots were designed to “better serve” female drivers and protect their safety, according to China Plus News.
This isn’t the first time parking lots have been accused of sexism.
Women-only parking spots have popped up before in China and have stirred up debate in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. According to a 2015 article in The Washington Post, many parking lots in Germany are equipped with bigger spaces for female drivers. In fact, in some regions in Germany the law forces parking lots to dedicate as much as 30 per cent of their spaces to women.

I had no idea that this practice is prevalent in Germany and I think it’s hilarious that this has somehow been flipped into a news story because it’s China when Germany has been doing this for years. In the same way that people scrutinize every piece of news from my home state of Florida anything that happens in China is put under a microscope even when it’s not really that out of the ordinary. Also, the only potential issue I see with gender-based parking spots is the location of those spots and their proximity to the point of interest. If one gender’s getting preferential treatment, and all the spots up front are reserved for one sex then I can see people getting pissed off by that. Otherwise I really don’t see what the big deal is, just let China do its thing in the same way that Germany’s been doing for years.

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(h/t GlobalNews)

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