Female Passenger Throws A Tantrum And Bangs On Cockpit Door Before Getting Naked

Listen, I get it, traveling is stressful. You have to book a ticket, pack a bag, stop your mail, the whole nine yards. And the whole thing is about 100x worse if you battle sporadic and unpredictable visions of impending death and doom that no one believes. Which is why I get where this woman is coming from. We’ve all had travel meltdowns to varying degrees. This woman’s just happened to come while the airplane was taxiing down the runway in Denver whilst preparing to takeoff.

The cause of the woman’s tantrum has yet to be discovered, but it could have something to do with her complaints of having no air before going full ‘baby who hasn’t had a nap yet’ on the cockpit door. If she was screaming about not having any fresh air, it would make more sense, but I’m pretty sure the airplane had at least enough air to keep her alive while she yelled, screamed and hip thrusted from the floor. That being said, I’m pretty sure her freak out has more to do with her comment “We are all going down.” Call me crazy, but this sounds suspiciously like that scene in that movie where the plane explodes because no one listened to the kid who was screaming about the plane exploding.

After the woman warned the plane, she was removed from it before the flight continued on to Portland. But not before she got naked, because there’s no better way to sell an apocalyptic nightmare than by stripping your clothes off as if you’re already burning up due to the heat conjured by the fire pits of hell. Honestly, I’m concerned more people aren’t talking about whether or not this woman saw something and ended up saving these people’s lives. Yes, nothing bad happened, but did anyone think that something bad would have happened if she hadn’t acted like a stripper baby. How can anyone confirm that two planes wouldn’t have collided in mid-air? Or, more likely, maybe the woman herself somehow smuggled a bomb through security and was going to detonate it in midair but actually went crazy and decided instead to go home and detonate the bomb from the comfort of her own home, saving God knows how many people from death? Am I wrong? I don’t think so. Sure, there’s no proof that I’m wrong, but there’s also no proof that I’m not.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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