Starbucks Employees Lose It When A Homeless Man Poops On The Floor Right In Front Of Them

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“He’s shitting on the floor,” shouts the woman filming this video, and indeed, he is.

Although you can’t see poop or anything, I’ll take her word for it, because, unless he was majorly constipated and nothing came out, it’s hard to assume the position he takes here was anything other than squat popping.

Why’d he do it? Well, Starbucks, like many businesses in New York City, reserves the right to keep their bathrooms for their customers. This man did not necessarily agree with that policy, so he took a shit on the floor.

I’ll be honest, as he’s leaving, he says he’s not crazy and I’m inclined to believe him. Dude just needed to take a shit and went where he went.

Can’t fault him for that.

[H/T Drunken Stepfather]