Bro Drives Around In His Ferrari And Records How Douchey People Act Around A $150,000 Super Car

by 3 years ago

People are The. Worst. This is true even when you’re in a 1996 Ford Taurus, but even more so you’re cruising around in a $150,000 Ferrari F430. Everyone wants to take cheap shots at the king when you’re in that kind of car, even if you’re just casually stopped at a red light. The Leviathan is the same guy who discovered a girl’s true colors as a gold digger a few weeks back. In his latest video, he found out that people have zero chill when seeing a super car IRL.

My favorite dude in this video is the dude who says his car is the same as a Mitsubishi Eclipse. That’s like comparing Applebee’s riblets to the bone-licking bbq at Franklin in Austin.

Know your role, homie.

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