Guy Tries To Publicly Shame Fiancée On Facebook For Cheating, But She Didn’t, And It All Ends With A Cop At His Door

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If you’re going to accuse a boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating, accuse them, and let them explain. DON’T go running to social media first. It only makes matters worse, especially when there was nothing go on at all.

This guy thought his fiancee was cheating with some dude in a truck while he was in Vegas for a bachelor party. All of the evidence looked damning but instead of just asking her flat out “are you cheating?” he has to go and play private dick.

I went away for a friend’s bachelor party. We went to Nevada. My fiancee and I have been together for 2.5 years and our wedding is in 6 months. She told me her cousin Stacey was coming down for a week while I was gone.

So while I was in Nevada another friend of mine texts me that he had seen my girlfriend out with this guy. He figured she was probably a friend or something but this friend lives up the street from us and he said there was truck parked in my driveway. The next night he saw her go in with this guy and the guy stayed all night.

Now here’s where a simple question of “who’s this?” would have squashed all the drama.

I told my girlfriend that we had decided to stay in Nevada for an extra two days but I went back early and I followed her and this guy to see for myself. She even told me on the phone she was with her cousin and didn’t mention the guy at all. I took all the pictures my friend had taken after I asked him to and the ones I took and posted them on Facebook with her tagged and a message about her openly running around with this guy and him spending a bunch of nights at our house while I was away and how she was a liar and a cheat.

And now for the big reveal!

The guy was her cousin Stacey. Fucking everyone jumped all over me right after I posted. Stacey is a girl’s name and I had no damn idea. Apparently I met him at some wedding before.

SMH. You stupid silly son-of-a-bitch. Now he girl is gone and the engagement is off. His ex-girlfriend’s sister, a cop, stopped by the house to drop off the engagement ring. Too bad she couldn’t charge him with being an absolutely jackass.

[via Reddit]

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