More Than FIFTY Arrested During Giant Prostitution Bust And I Can’t Say I Would Hire Any Of These People Myself



Out of the total 54 people arrested during a prostitution bust, you’d expect at least one mugshot to stand out at you like “Ooooh, THAT’S someone worth hiring for a night of pump and dumps.” Yet I’m looking at the composite of mugshots below, and I’m thinking….


police handout

…yeah, most definitely not gonna waste my money on anyone featured on there. You’d expect the johns to be “meh” since, y’know, they’ve resorted to hiring prostitutes for sex so by that logic none of them are gonna be stunners, yet I’m looking through here and not a single person makes me wanna drop my pants and go spread eagle on a bed. So if you came here looking for hot hookers, I’m sorry to disappoint – but if you came here looking for information on South Carolina’s “Operation Good Time,” we can help you out a bit more in that department:

The bust is thought to be the largest in Simpsonville history according to authorities, a city with a population of roughly 20,000.

In the two-day sting, local police arrested 28 suspected prostitutes and 26 men accused of soliciting them, as part of a city-wide crackdown.

Police Chief Keith Grounsell explained: ‘Many individuals responded and met undercover officers working as Johns and/or prostitutes.’

The operation was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday with assistance from the city of Greenville Police Department, Grounsell said.

He added: ‘The people arrested did solicit and/or complete a financial transaction to sell or purchase sex in exchange for money.’(via)

The operation led to a total of 64 charges against the arrested suspects, with at least one firearm and $2,010 seized as well. Eight suspects even had additional outstanding warrants against them, including “probation violation and failure to pay child support.” Because when I’m faced with the decision to either pay child support or pay for sex, the choice is clear: pussy >>>> preschool.

No wonder these geniuses got busted.

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