Fight Between Two Guys In A Nail Salon Goes As Well As A Fight Between Two Guys In A Nail Salon Should Go

by 4 years ago

This may shock you, but these two men who got into a fight at a nail salon will not challenge Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier as the greatest fight of all-time.

The bald man attempts to sucker punch his adversary, but quickly realizes he doesn’t quite have the reach and hand-eye coordination and whiffs on his attempt. Meanwhile the guy in the blue shirt attempts to do an Anthony Pettis super kick that he once saw on television, but he too misses on his failed attempt.

The question I have is why were these two gentlemen fighting in a nail salon?

Did one fella order a French manicure, but got a gel manicure instead? Which put him in a sassy diva mood?

Was the one guy jealous of how much the other guy’s nails were on fleek?

Did the one dude have a mani-pedi appointment with his favorite nail technician and the other guy stole his scheduled appointment?

Taking it easy guys, you’re going to break a nail.